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2019 Appreciation Post

  /  2019 Appreciation Post

The year 2019 was eventful! I took time to reflect on the year, time to communicate with family, friends, important people in my life. I realized it was time I appreciated the impact these people have had on my life this year, and long before now.

I learnt the importance of family; how vital the support can be. Medical training teaches to assess patient support system, as it is vital to patient care, recovery and prevention of recurrence. I have learnt how vital friends are. The relieve that there are people who are always present, facing the same issue as you, and they’ve got your back at all time. Professionally, the importance of resilience, drive and push.

In a new adventure, move fast and break things! You would eventually make mistakes anyway, why delay the process when you can hasten it and learn from the same.

I’m thankful for relationships in 2019. I appreciate my team at Iseowo, we have done good work together this year, we would do more in the next.

Thank you for contributing to my 2019!!!


  1. God, Church
  2. Family
  3. Mentors
  4. COMUI Class of ’19
  5. Friends
  6. Groups
  7. Iseowo
  8. Organizations
  9. Professionals
N.B. This is not an exhaustive list, I do appreciate EVERYONE I met during the course of  the year.

Thank you and, God bless!