Hi, I am Damola Obisesan. I founded Renix Consulting, a business branding agency, as the face of my freelance projects. You can know more about me here.
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Hi there, I am Damola Obisesan, website designer and brand director at Renix Consulting. I have worked on several web design projects, business and personal websites. Years of running my personal businesses have made me understand the importance of good online brand representation on sales and business leads. You can hire me for your website and business branding needs, get in touch and let’s get started on your next project!

I design websites. My work revolves around creating responsive, mobile friendly websites and great user interfaces for businesses and personalities. My portfolio expressly describes my work and previous projects. I consider my work an adventure in creativity! I am keen on good design and I spend hours perfecting ideas and website plans. I enjoy my work – the volume of interesting things to learn and the positive feedback they have had on me. I consider my work ‘research’, opportunities to learn about clients’ views towards helping their personal or businesses grow! All these culminates in a chain of learning I consider incredibly rewarding.



I care about people and I am very passionate about what I do. I jump at opportunities to teach and train web design. I have a personal blog that indexes my open thoughts and a tutorial page to teach web design. The platform allows the opportunity to teach my clients about their websites as well as teach non-client design-enthusiasts about websites.

I am a Medical doctor with a Bachelor degrees in Medicine and Surgery from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. Upon graduation and induction into the medical profession, I have had the opportunity to engage in private practice of medicine in some medical facilities in Ibadan.



I founded Iseowo, an online listings directory for local businesses in Nigeria. The platform was launched mid-year in 2019. Iseowo is an online platform that makes local products and services accessible on the internet. Business owners can create listings in applicable categories and showcase all about their businesses. Iseowo runs subscription plans including FREE and PREMIUM plans. Iseowo was started out of the inaccessibility of local products and services online, a need to have local products and services properly indexed with great user interface and a desire to add value to artisans, making a place for them on the internet.