Damola Obisesan is a Medical Doctor and a Web Designer. He started Renix Consulting, a digital services agency. When he is not attending to patients in an hospital, he can be found working on his laptop. More about him here.

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Getting started

Iseowo Health connects users with healthcare facilities near them.

Iseowo Health is an healthcare facilities search website developed and managed by Renix Consulting. The website, commonly referred to as “Health“, catalogues healthcare facilities in Nigeria and indexes their products and services in an easy to understand manner. From contact details to prices of services, Health captures all there is to know about healthcare in Nigeria. The platform was created in 2019 and launched in late 2020 by Damola Obisesan. Damola and his team had prior launched Iseowo, a local businesses search website. Iseowo Health, runs on a similar technology like Iseowo.

Initial Idea Behind Health…

It was the last few months of 2019, after about 6 years, I was rounding up in medical school. I recall it was a work day, an afternoon, I was in clinic, Pulmonology Clinic, University College Hospital. The consultant had just attended to an elderly man and requested he carried out some investigations. The poor old man was clueless as to how to proceed, where to have the test done and how to see the consultant when he was done.
I thought about how I could help him, then I thought about it, we had just launched Iseowo, a local businesses listing directory. Wouldn’t it be great, and beneficial to patients and health professionals, to have an health facility catalogue. A directory of healthcare facilities and details of their service offerings, including details of their locations, contact details etc.

The plan was to include all needed details to assess any type of healthcare in any healthcare facility. This is why we have created a catalogue of the common healthcare facilities in Nigeria and their service offerings.


How much does this test cost?

The year 2020, shortly after I was done in medical school, I worked at some hospitals in the city of Ibadan. I had the opportunity to interact with other healthcare professionals and patients. A number of times, patients would ask me how much any of the tests I request they do, cost. They would like to know how much to have in hand before going to a laboratory for the tests.

The design of Iseowo Health had started few months before these moments. It was just right to include details of SERVICES and INVESTIGATION/TEST PRICES in the design of the listing pages. All investigations or services offered by any healthcare facility on Iseowo Health now carry a slot for prices so users can have an inkling into how much they need to have investigations done or pay for services.

We as well include details of payment options offered by healthcare facilities – cash payment, bank transfer, etc Bearing in mind the insurance industry as pertaining to healthcare, we are aware a number of patients or patient relatives would love to take advantage of their insurance privileges’ in payment of healthcare services. We have included INSURANCE COMPANIES filters in our search pages, as well as facilities LOCATIONS, so users can find healthcare facilities that are approved by their insurance companies and closer to their place of residence and go on to assess care in those facilities


Are these facilities legit?

We go through great lengths to ensure our listed facilities are exactly what they are portrayed on out platform. Firstly, all facilities are reviewed and verified before approval. Also, no facility listing is submitted and approved via proxy! Even though, anybody can submit a facility listing, they are not approved until a representative of the facility has been contacted and claims the listing.

Users have the ability to review facilities based on their experiences at the facilities, the review process should be constructive, this guide can intimate users with how to properly review facilities, as reviews considered inappropriate would be deleted. Reviews are meant to highlight users perspective of healthcare facilities strength and weaknesses, this would help them improve on their services. Users can as well report facilities listings for a number of reasons including, if a facility has closed down. Reporting facility listings can result in listing deletion.


Public education

We thought it right, as an healthcare focused platform, to educate the general public concerning the investigations they go in for – why their doctors may have requested the tests, what the tests mean, how to prepare for the tests, how it helps their doctors make decisions, what the results mean, etc…

Details of this are included in our BLOG ARTICLES. As there are frequent and sometimes, daily advancements in medicine, medical information are frequently subject to change. We have included a disclaimer notice on the contents on Iseowo Health. This is to guide our users and readers into the proper way to take advantage of the information on the platform.

There are opportunities for healthcare professionals to guest post on Iseowo Health. Upon submission of posts by authors, we follow an editorial guideline towards the review and publishing of the posts to ensure we provide our readers with the right kind of information.

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healthcare directory in Nigeria.

01 What is Iseowo Health?

Iseowo Health is an online directory of healthcare facilities and their services. Common facilities, services, prices of services, location, contact details, etc

02 a patient, how can Iseowo Health help me?

You can explore our catalogue of healthcare facilities and their services to assess the care you need. You can as well search for the services you seek and thereafter filters the search results. When you choose a healthcare facility listing, you can read about the facility, what they do, how much their services cost, where they are and how to contact them.

You can go on to review facilities you have visited and assessed medical care, this is towards helping other patients to better assess healthcare and to help facilities in improving on their services.

We have a blog section that explains details of medical tests and investigations, medical conditions, etc You can learn a lot from there. As a healthcare professionals, you can as well contribute to our blog and guest post on Iseowo Health, follow this guide to send in your articles.

03 not a patient, what can Iseowo Health do for me?

We have a blog section that explains details of medical tests and investigations, medical conditions, etc You can learn a lot from there. As a healthcare professionals, you can contribute to our blog and guest post on Iseowo Health, follow this guide to send in your articles.

You can as well review facilities you have been to towards helping patients access the best of care.

04 Is Iseowo Health free to use?

Iseowo Health is a free-to-use platform for patients, patient relatives, users and healthcare professionals. Healthcare Facilities owners however have the option of premium listing plans which carry added listing featured to further showcase more details about their facilities, including booking/appointment feature, customized contact forms, events, custom support, etc

05 an emergency?

We have included details of assessing needed emergency care in a guide. It includes emergency numbers, what to do immediately, how to use Iseowo Health to seek care, etc…