Damola Obisesan is a Medical Doctor and a Web Designer. He started Renix Consulting, a digital services agency. When he is not attending to patients in an hospital, he can be found working on his laptop. More about him here.

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Getting started

Iseowo links people with the best local businesses.

Iseowo is a local businesses search website developed and managed by Renix Consulting. The website provides access to business information near a user’s current location. Iseowo  catalogues local businesses, their products and services, into artisan (further divided into art and entertainment, food, services and productions categories) and non-artisan businesses thereby capturing virtually all forms of businesses out there. The platform was created in 2019 by Damola Obisesan and launched in late 2019. Damola and his team later launched a similar platform for the Healthcare industry, Iseowo Health. Iseowo Health, “Health” in short, runs on a similar technology like Iseowo.

Location based search

Users can search various types of businesses in their neighborhood or anywhere in Nigeria and get to know more about the business service offerings, etc Search results can be filtered, to further suit the users needs. Filters include

  • Near Me (businesses within 50km of the user)
  • Open Now (businesses that are currently open)
  • Best Match (businesses best soothing the search query)
  • Sort By (Most Reviewed, Most Viewed and Highest Rated businesses)
  • Others (depending on the business categories being searched, other filters can be applied to the search results e.g. delivery feature for a food business, job opportunities, etc)


Easy Setup

Iseowo uses Google API for fast and easy setup for listing submission. Businesses with Google My Business profiles can import their business information to Iseowo and easily setup their business listing. Business owners can follow this step-by-step guide on how to properly submit their business listing(s).


Listing Claim

Business owners have the ability to claim business listing already created in proxy. They go on to provide information to prove they are representatives of the businesses and the administrative abilities are transferred to them. Paid or Subscription Listings are claimed by default, the claimed process is only for free plan listings.


Ratings and Reviews

Users have the ability to review businesses they have visited and rate them. They can leave a review, details of their interactions with the businesses, commendable attributes to continue and pitfalls to improve upon. Reviews can meant to be constructive and measures are in place to enforce this.



A section of the platform is dedicated to blog articles. Featured posts are related to local businesses, their growth and marketing strategies, specifically how to gain visibility on the internet.

There are opportunities for business owners and users to guest post on Iseowo. Upon submission of articles by authors, we follow an editorial guideline towards the review and publishing of the articles.



Iseowo is all about local businesses, we have included a feature for users to search and filter businesses with job opportunities, internship opportunities as well! This is a feature for business owners to advertise vacancies in their businesses and for users to get to know and contact businesses with job or internship opportunities. This helps curb unemployment in the nation.

Gain business exposure, create
your business listing now...

01 What is Iseowo?

Iseowo is an online listings directory of local businesses – artisan (art and entertainment, food, services and productions businesses) and non-artisan businesses.

02 Is Iseowo free to use?

Iseowo is a free platform for all users, including business owners and guests. Business owners can however opt for paid subscription plans. The paid plans have premium listing features activated, to showcase more business details and reach more users.

03 I run a business, why should I use Iseowo?

Iseowo helps you connect to customers online.

Get started by creating a listing for your business. Go on to include all your business offerings, listed in our catalogue, in your listing to ensure it shows up in search results.

04 Not a business owner...why should I use Iseowo?

Iseowo connects you with local businesses in your vicinity, you can create a profile and explore our listed businesses, both artisans and non-artisans. You can as well rate and review businesses, this gives credibility to your favorite businesses while helping other customers find the best local businesses.

05 Can I have multiple business listings?

Yes, you can create multiple listings for your businesses should they fall under different categories. You can manage all your listings in the Business Owner dashboard.