Hi, I am Damola Obisesan. I founded Renix Consulting, a business branding agency, as the face of my freelance projects. You can know more about me here.
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web design

(one-on-one training)

Gain mastery of website design over a series of tutorials. Go from beginner to pro in few weeks, no or minimal coding involved. Everything based on your schedule!

areas to be covered

Website Design

This involved the building; design and development of websites and their maintenance.

Graphics Design

Creating visual content for the purpose of communication. The art of solving problems using visual elements like icons, images, etc


Right use of colors is vital in visual communications. Designers must have a working knowledge of color use.

Google Search Console

A free service that helps designers monitor, maintain and troubleshoot website presence in Google search results.

Email Marketing

Sending commercial messages via email for a number of purposes including making a sale.

Image Optimization

Includes reducing image size without comprising quality for web interfaces, as well as images ranking high in search results.


Website and contents (texts, images, etc) must be optimized to rank high in search engines like Google, to boost website traffic.

Online Design Tools

Get to know several online tools to get create, edit, optimize and download contents for website design and maintenance.

training PACKAGE

free practice PERSONAl WEBSite

Upon completion of registration, participants would have access to a personal website on a web hosting FREE of charge. This is a fresh live website to aid their training and for practice.

Live website data and dashboards.

Participants would have access to useful live-website dashboards, data and analytics. They would learn firsthand, how data influence web design, maintenance and vice-versa. Data inform design decisions.

Damola's tutorial website

Index of several tutorial topics on digital and online subjects-web design, graphics design, SEO, etc Also several resources for DOWNLOAD to train web design and eventually, build websites.

Register Now!


  • Learn to build any website
  • FREE practice website included
  • Includes needed training materials
  • Total of 3 months intensive training
  • Days & time defined by you

training requirements


To participate, you are required to rester for the training. Fill the application form included and proceed to make a payment of #15,000. You would be contacted within 24 hours of payment.


Participants would required a laptop computer to easily access training materials, follow along in the tutorials and as well, practice the things learned.

Internet access

The training is exclusively online. From the beginning to the end. Participants are advised to subscribe for a data plan to learn and practice the things learned.

Your training, Your schedule

Training Days

Choose your training days, schedule appropriately, everything left to you.

Training Time

Choose your training time schedule convenient for you. You are in control of the time!

Training Venue

Get trained remotely! Stay home and stay safe. Receive training online at home.

frequently asked questions

This is a one-on-one web design training received exclusively online. As a participant, you choose your available days of the week and time for interaction with the tutor. You also get a free website to practice the things you learn as you please.

The training teaches web design and associated areas including the Google Search Console, etc. You can afterwards create websites for yourself, clients and any organizations. It is a complete training that makes you a professional in few weeks.

One-on-one trainings are effective however, time consuming. The tutor would train only 5 participant per time. Register to get started ASAP.

The training lasts 3 months for each individual. Being one-on-one, it depends on when a participant chooses to start.

The training is done exclusively online. This arrangement gives participants the flexibility to learn based on their schedule.

No, the training is not free. It is an encompassing training with industry standard tools. The training go for #15,000 only per participant.

Payment is to be made into a Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) account with Name “OBISESAN DAMOLA SAMUEL” and Number “0120993872”

Participants have the opportunity to pay the training fee, #15,000, in only 2 installments. The first payment must be at least #10,000 to get started.

Payment is to be made into a Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) account with Name “OBISESAN DAMOLA SAMUEL” and Number “0120993872”


If after 2 weeks of training, a participant feels not interested anymore, the training fee would be refunded.

Participants can proceed to build websites or delve into any area of web design of their choosing. They would have continuous access to the tutor and as well can collaborate on projects with the Renix Consulting Team (an online branding agency founded by the tutor).

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe

Register Now!


  • Learn to build any website
  • FREE practice website included
  • Includes needed training materials
  • Total of 3 months intensive training
  • Days & time defined by you

tutor profile


He is the founder at Renix Consulting, an online branding agency in Nigeria. He has worked on several web design projects, solely and in teams of professionals, for organizations, business and personal or portfolio projects. 


Damola was always available when I needed his guidance on the design of my website. A professional myself, I consider attention to details important, an area Damola is good at. He is good at troubleshooting website issues as well. He always gave invaluable tips and tricks. He has excellent interpersonal skills.
Subomi Omoleye
Voice over artist
I could barely recognize my website few days into Damola's work on it. Damola knows and does the little things that matter in every of his projects! He designed my logo also, simple and precise. I love the website colors. My website has a better structure now with improved navigation. Good work Damola.
Eunice Oladeji
When he presented me with a prototype of my proposed website few days into working with him, all I could say was "wow, this is excellent!" He is very good at what he does. I was awed at how much research he did about me and my work in so little time of working together with him.
Sultan Obafunto
Brand Consultant