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What we do at Iseowo



Iseowo is an online directory of local businesses in Nigeria, a platform that makes local products and services accessible on the internet. The catalogue clearly display the exhaustive listing categories and features.


Business Listings

Business owners can create listings in applied categories and showcase all about their businesses or claim already created listings. Business owners can as well suggest categories or features we have not included in our catalogue.


Website alternative

Iseowo is a website alternative for businesses! The platform does the function of a conventional business website; optimizing businesses, their products and services, for search engines and online platforms. All regular business website features included without the management cost and stress of running one.

Our goal is to provide online presence for all local businesses at no or minimal cost. Iseowo provides listing pages customized for each of the business category hence does a good job of optimizing them for search.

Listing Plans

Our free plan that gives access to all basic features needed to list businesses, this is to ensure any business can take advantage and come on board the platform. The Premium Plans come with more features and span both Monthly and Annual durations. These plans have advanced features activated and do a better job of representing businesses in detail.


Iseowo Profile

  1. URL: Iseowo
  2. Email address: info@iseowong.com
  3. Contact Phone: +2348134961461
  4. Social profiles = @iseowong


Important Links

  1. Search local businesses around you …Visit Link
  2. For how to create a listing … Visit Link
  3. How to claim your listing … Visit Link
  4. Contact … Visit Link


Further details on how to use Iseowo can be found here.

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